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Australian cat-proof fence protects endangered species

Melbourne : Feral cats are a huge threat to native animals in Australia but one region wants to stop their destruction by physically shutting them out.
The world’s longest cat-proof fence has been built in central Australia to help bring endangered species back to the area.
The 44km (27 mile) electric fence borders a wildlife sanctuary, and will keep out feral cats, foxes and rabbits.
It is part of broader “rewilding” efforts to boost native populations.
Animals like the mala, a type of small wallaby, will be reintroduced to a 9,400 hectare cat-free zone at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary, 350km north-west of Alice Springs.
The Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC), which manages the refuge, says the fence will help protect animals within the zone.
“There are about 50 or 60 cats in that area alone, and they would eat over 70,000 native animals a year,” chief executive Atticus Fleming told the BBC.
“This fence is one of the most important conservation infrastructure pieces in Australia.”

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