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US Envoy Verma Visits Darbar Sahib; SGPC Seeks His Help on Problems Faced by Sikhs Abroad


AMRITSAR SAHIB, May 22 : A US envoy Richard Rahul Verma who belongs to India originally, on Wednesday, visited Sri Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) and paid obeisance here praying for peace of international community. He also took part in ‘Sewa’ in Guru Ram Dass Langar Hall. He also interacted with the pilgrims partaking ‘langar’ at the facility.He was accompanied by his ...

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Only Vegetarian McDonalds To Open In Amritsar


AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab (May 22)—McDonald’s will open its first ever vegetarian-only restaurant in Amritsar, the fast food chain said today.The world’s second-biggest restaurant chain after Subway tailors its menus to suit local tastes, which in India means no beef to avoid offending Hindus and no pork to cater for Muslim requirements.The first vegetarian outlet will open its doors mid-next year ...

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SikhFeed: 7 Disturbing Beliefs of Sarbjit Dhunda


1. Doesn’t believe in Naam Simran According to Gurbani the highest Karam is that of remembering Akaal Purakh, through Naam Simran which will allow us to merge with Akaal Purakh and get Darshan, the ultimate goal of Gurmat. However Dhunda does not believe in the concept of Naam Simran, him and his friends have called it useless recitation of a ...

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Young Girls Arrested by Punjab Police Just Because of Their Identity; Not Part of Gathering Outside Amb Sahib


CHANDIGARH, Punjab (May 21) – A Gursikh family was visiting the area and decided to pay obeisance at Gurdwara Amb Sahib yesterday. They had no idea about the protest in relation to the hunger strike of Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa, however due to their “Gursikh type look” they too were manhandled by the Punjab Police. A police constable tried to hold ...

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Patrons of Sikh Caucus Request U.S. Congress To Speak For Surat Singh Khalsa


SACRAMENTO, California, USA (May 21)—As patrons of the American Sikh Congressional Caucus, and members of the community the caucusrepresents, we urge the 42 U.S. representatives who belong to the caucus to recognize and represent the interests of the Sikh-American community by acknowledging the democratic protest of Californian Sikh Surat Singh Khalsa, a permanent resident of the United States who is ...

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