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Wedding Cake Rock Instagram craze: hashtag visitors on edge of danger


Perth : Search #weddingcakerock on Instagram and you’ll come up with more than 3500 images of grinning young people on and around a curiously geometric, starkly white clifftop overlooking the ocean. Some are standing, a few daredevils are performing handstands or leaping in the air but the vast majority are seated on the chiselled cliff edge, legs dangling 80 metres ...

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Deficit decade: Tony Abbott’s $100 billion black hole


Australia faces more than decade of uninterrupted deficits according to an updated assessment by the independent Parliamentary Budget Office that shows Senate intransigence will carve a $100 billion black hole out of revenue between now and 2025-26. Savings not realised as a result of parliamentary gridlock suggest the budget prediction of a near fiscal balance by 2018-19 is overly optimistic ...

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Government denies starving FOI watchdog of funds even though he works from home


Sydney : A senior public servant has defended the legality of stripping the information watchdog of funds after the Abbott government was unable to pass laws to abolish it.The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, which oversees freedom of information and privacy law, closed its Canberra workplace late last year because its funding was scheduled to run out on December ...

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Australia’s winter likely to be drier and milder than usual as El Nino kicks in


Queensland : Most of Australia can expect a drier and warmer than usual winter as the influence of an El Nino takes hold – although the first few days of the season won’t feel very balmy for many. The latest three-month outlook released by the Bureau of Meteorology on Thursday shows the odds favour drier-than-average conditions for most of south-eastern ...

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Tony Abbott ridicules his own party in school coding gaffe


Perth : Prime Minister Tony Abbott has made an embarrassing blunder, ridiculing his own government’s investment in technology education. During question time on Wednesday, Labor leader Bill Shorten asked the Prime Minister whether he would support coding being taught in every primary and secondary school. “Let’s just understand exactly what the Leader of the Opposition has asked,” the Prime Minister ...

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