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Federal budget 2015: side-effect means sickest patients are to pay more for drugs


Sydney : Some of Australia’s sickest people will pay more each year for their medicines due to a little-noticed change in last week’s federal budget. Health Minister Sussan Ley on Monday announced an agreement with the Pharmacy Guild which she said would deliver “cheaper, more affordable medicines for consumers”, partly because pharmacies will have the option of cutting the patient ...

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Footage shows vicious attack on 13-year-old at Walgett High School


Sydney :Alarming footage filmed at one of the most violent schools in NSW captured a vicious attack on a 13-year-old girl. The video obtained by ABC News showed the violent escalation of months of bullying at Walgett’s only public high school in one of the state’s most disadvantaged communities.Walgett Community College had become a breeding ground for “violence and criminal ...

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No GST-free ride for Uber warns Australian Tax Office


Sedney : Thousands of Uber drivers across the nation will have to register for GST by August 1, which could mean the cost of rides taken by consumers on the popular ride-sharing service rises by 10 per cent.The Australian Taxation Office has confirmed that people who provide ride-sharing services such as Uber are providing “taxi travel” under GST law. The ...

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How McDonald’s dodged half a billion dollars in Australian tax


Sedney : International fast-food giant McDonald’s avoided paying half a billion dollars of tax in Australia over five-year period by shifting profits through the low-tax nation of Singapore, a new report by a global coalition of trade unions says.The report, which has been funded and commissioned by a coalition of global trade unions including the Public Services International (PSI) – ...

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Prison officers at risk as prison population grows


Sedney : When a frustrated prisoner threw a billiard ball at Jason Gould it cost the prison officer the sight in his left eye.”An inmate was having a bad day,” says Mr Gould. “He threw a pool ball at me and got me in the left eye and ruptured the eye ball and the iris and the lens fell out, ...

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