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Brown coal extends rebound, pushing up power sector emissions: Pitt & Sherry


Sydney : Brown coal’s share of the main national electricity grid has surged to its highest level since September 2012, increasing the sector’s greenhouse gas emissions, energy consultants Pitt & Sherry say.The fresh data came as climate change ministers from around the country met in Adelaide on Monday to discuss how state governments might co-operate on emissions.Coal-fired power plants accounted ...

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Macquarie University takes students to court to dissolve MUPRA union


Sydney : A Sydney university is taking seven of its own students to the NSW Supreme Court in a bid to dissolve an independent student association and seize more than half a million dollars in funds.Macquarie University will seek to forcibly close the postgraduate representative association (MUPRA) and absorb $500,000 in its reserves, according to court documents. The university has ...

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Cascade Coal challenges ICAC report in wake of Cunneen ruling


Perth : A mining company that secured a lucrative coal exploration licence over the Obeid family’s farm is pushing ahead with a legal challenge to a report which led to the licence being cancelled, in an apparent bid to win compensation from the state government.Cascade Coal has asked the NSW Court of Appeal to strike down an Independent Commission Against ...

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Woman suffers carbon monoxide poisoning after smoking hookah


A 20-year-old woman has developed carbon monoxide poisoning after smoking a hookah waterpipe, leading doctors to warn that smoking the traditional pipes could be dangerous.They say the “light-headed” relaxed feeling associated with smoking the hookah, which is also known as a shisha or narghile, may actually be the result of severe oxygen deprivation in the brain.Health experts are concerned hookah ...

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NSW police are urging a rule change on bearing arms so they can better protect courtrooms

Perth : It took five minutes for police to find a pair of handcuffs to restrain a man who turned violent in the Downing Centre court complex recently, knocking out a prosecutor and having to be restrained by seven police officers.Such incidents are among the many reasons officers should be allowed to carry their weapons in courthouses, the Police Association ...

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