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Clijsters’s fan in white skirt

London : Former world No. 1 Kim Clijsters invited a fan to face her serve after he shouted advice to her during a friendly Wimbledon doubles match. Clijsters, 34, and Australian Rennae Stubbs were taking on former world No. 2 Andrea Jaeger and Conchita Martinez. Instead of ignoring serve instructions from Irishman Chris Quinn, Clijsters invited him court-side. In keeping with the Wimbledon’s all-white rule, Clijsters went into her bag and fetched a spare skirt to cover Quinn’s blue shorts. Clijsters helped Quinn into the skirt, and then fell to the floor, laughing uncontrollably. Quinn then took Martinez’s place as she waited on the side. Clijsters sent down a serve which Quinn managed to return. Quinn, who got a memento photograph with the former greats, later thanked Clijsters on Twitter. “Thank you for going easy on me with the serve. You have made me a bigger hero to my 3 daughters who worship you by the way,” he wrote. “Will teach me to open my mouth again. They were awesome. And I got to play in Wimbledon. One off the bucket list.”

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