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DNA test for a more fit Indian cricket team

New Delhi : Keeping in sync with skipper Virat Kohli’s uncompromising training regimen, the Indian cricketers are now undergoing DNA test that reveals the genetic fitness blueprint of an individual, raising the bar to a level hitherto unseen. The test helps a sportsman improve his speed, in burning fat, endurance, recovery and muscle-building. It has been learnt that the BCCI has introduced the test on the recommendation of team trainer Shankar Basu so that a more comprehensive fitness programme for the national team can be chalked out. The DNA test, or genetic fitness test, gives an idea on how 40-plus genes are related to a person’s fitness, health and nutrition. Each cricketer’s DNA data is then combined with the environmental data, which is the individual’s body weight and diet, for an all-round analysis.
“Yes, we have started the DNA test for the Indian cricket team for some time now. It is basically in line with the new fitness parameters, which have been set by the team management. The DNA test was first introduced in the NBA (basketball) and the NFL in the United States. “It has proved to be extremely beneficial. For conducting each player’s test, the BCCI spends from Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 which is a nominal amount,” a senior BCCI official said.

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