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Gangster Sampat Nehra wanted to kill Salman Khan: Police

Gurugram : Gangster Sampat Nehra, acting head of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang, was reportedly on a mission to eliminate Bollywood superstar Salman khan. A plan was reportedly hatched on the orders of gang leader Lawrence Bishnoi, currently lodged in Bharatpur jail. The startling revelation was made by Nehra during his interrogation wherein he claimed that he had done all his “home work” right from tracking Salman Khan’s daily routine to doing a recce of his house Galaxy Apartments and then shifted base to Hyderabad to work out the details.
“He was on a mission to kill Salman Khan and had thus gone to Mumbai first and then hid himself in Hyderabad. Nehra kept a low-profile for a month but kept making plans to eliminate his rivals. The gangster was nabbed with the help of Hyderabad police when he left the apartment for evening walk,” said Deputy Inspector General, special task force, Haryana, Satheesh Balan.
While the DIG refused to elaborate on the motive, sources claim that Nehra was sent to “fulfil” the threats issued by Lawrence Bishnoi to Salman Khan during the latter’s hearing in Jodhour court in May.
Bishnoi had pleaded before the judge that he was innocent and police were framing him. Speaking to the media outside Jodhpur court, Bishnoi had alleged that as police were claiming that he was a dreaded gangster he would prove to be one by killing Salman Khan when he comes to court for hearing.

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