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Karan Patel taunts Kapil Sharma for success going into his head?

Mumbai : Kapil Sharma is indeed facing the toughest time of his life right now. The ace comedian who is known to make the audience laugh with his wit and humour is facing difficulty to even bring a smile on their faces. After his fallout with Sunil Grover, Kapil Sharma’s show is a flop and recently the reports suggested that Kapil cancelled the shoot within 15 minutes as the audiences were not enjoying his jokes. Yes, now that’s the failure of an artist. The artist only fails when success goes in to his head. So did success go in to Kapil’s head? Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor Karan Patel sums it up in a most sensible way. Yes, the actor took a screen grab of an article which reads, ‘ After Audience fails to react at his jokes, Kapil Sharma cancels shoot within 15 minutes’. He tweeted, ” …”Head on your shoulders and feet firm on the ground”… you shall be loved and respected .. apt example of thinking no end f yourself.” If you calmly read this statement, you will understand the deep meaning behind it. Well Kapil it’s not too late, you have that talent in you and that has bought you so far. All you have to do is just buck up and let bygones be bygones. Talking about Sunil Grover, he is enjoying his life after quitting the show; he is doing his shows and enthralled the fans with his favourite characters Dr. Mashoor Gulati and Rinku at the finale of Indian Idol. Well Sunil was too deeply affected with the fight and especially Kapil’s misbehavior. He even expressed it on twitter that he is hurt and asked Kapil to STOP acting like god. But this man has held his back and is doing very good for himself. After all the show must go on. Agree showbiz readers?

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