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Movie Review: Sardar Saab, Punjabi Movie

Movie Review of Punjabi Movie Sardar Saab starring Jackie Shroff, Guggu Gill, Daljeet Kalsi, Neetu Singh. Directed by Amit Prasher.
Star cast: Jackie Shroff, Guggu Gill, Daljeet Kalsi, Neetu Singh, Shivendra Mahal, Karamjeet Anmol, Sardar Sohi, Yaad Grewal, Sudesh Berry, Kuldeep Sareen
Director: Amit Prasher
Producer: All Time Movies Pvt. Ltd.
Music: Kaptan Laadi, RDK, Millind Gaba
Running Time: 128 minutes (U/A certified)
Synopsis: Sardar Saab is the story of family. Sardar Saab is the story of power. Sardar Saab is the story of every single person who works for the people. Sardar Saab (Jackie Shroff) & his brother played by Guggu Gill work for the betterment of the public & sometimes go out of the way to serve the people and all this is done for a reason. Daljeet (Daljeet Kalsi) lives in New Zealand with his bhua & cousin Laddoo (Karamjit Anmol). He is the son of Sardar Saab and loves Mehak (Neetu Singh). Things take a turn when Daljeet is forced to return to India and upon returning he discovers a lot of things. Without revealing anything further, watch Sardar Saab in cinemas.
Review: Director Amit Prasher known for making comedies, this time brings something different in the form of an action film set in the backdrop of politics & power. Penned by the first timer Writer/Actor/Producer Daljeet Kalsi, Sardar Saab is the official remake of Vijay starrer Tamil Blockbuster Thalaiva which released in 2013. Sardar Saab is set in Delhi, the capital city of India.
First things first, the adapted screenplay of the film has been written by Daljeet Kalsi himself who is also the lead actor & producer of the film. The screenplay helps the film move swiftly & introduces new characters & offers new twists & turns on a regular basic. But the problem lies in the 2nd half which is dragged quite a bit and the Jazzy B song towards the end seemed like a forced insertion & also the romantic portion in New Zealand was stretched a bit too far but in the end it was all okay.
Dialogues were pretty good & have a powerful impact. Dialogues were fresh and never seemed to get repetitive throughout the film. The film had some big names as lead actors but the writer Daljeet Kalsi saved the best dialogues for himself. I don’t remember the exact dialogues but the confrontation scene between Jackie Shroff, Guggu Gill & Daljeet Kalsi before the interval had pretty good dialogues and some of the post interval scenes showing the rise of Daljeet as Sardar Saab also had good dialogues.
Amit Prasher as a director this time tried his hands at action after making 3 back-2-back comedies. Amit has gone on record to say that he enjoys making comedies. His move of making an action film took me by surprise. However, now that the film has released, Amit Prasher has done a good job here as a director. He moved out of his comfort zone and tried something different and mostly succeeded at it. There was one angle of Neetu Singh which left me wondering with a few questions but barring that it was all okay.
Coming to performances, Jackie Shroff plays the title role of Sardar Saab in the film. He did a good job in the film however his role lacked meat, even if it was the title role (Readers will get what I am saying when they watch the film). Guggu Gill played the role of the side fiddle to Sardar Saab pretty well. He would be used to playing lead roles in Punjabi action dramas in yesteryears but seeing him adapt to the role of a side fiddle was pleasing to watch.

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