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Murder-accused UK man ‘admits brawl’ with Bali policeman

Sydney : A British man accused of murdering an Indonesian police officer has reportedly admitted to his lawyer that he fought with the dead man.
David James Taylor, 33, and his Australian girlfriend Sara Connor, 45, have been detained in Bali over the death of Wayan Sudarsa.
The policeman’s body was discovered at Kuta beach at 03:30 on 17 August with dozens of head and neck wounds. The pair face up to 15 years in jail if they are found guilty of murder.
They have been named as suspects in the murder but under Indonesian law have not been formally charged. Police have 120 days to build their case before prosecutors decide if they will lay charges.
‘Cell phone attack’ Mr Taylor’s lawyer, Erick Sihombing, said his client confessed to hitting the the police officer after accusing him of stealing Ms Connor’s missing handbag.
“He found an old cell phone, he hit the guy’s head on the back maybe twice. There is a bottle and an old phone,” Mr Sihombing told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. “They found on their clothes and trousers a stain of blood and hair, that’s why they tried to get rid of them by burning their clothes.”

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