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Next Step – A Sikh Prime Minister Of Canada

A Genuinely Open Minded Canada May Be Ready To Truly Embrace Diversity
TORONTO : Sikh MPP, Jagmeet Singh, has now won the seat as the Leader of the Federal NDP (New Democratic Party), for the whole of Canada.
Less than a year of campaigning has resulted in Singh gaining a large margin over existing party candidates, and topping financial donations too. The capaign slogan “It Can Be Done” is achieved.
Jagmeet Singh’s first words after winning the leadership position?…

The firs hurdle being over, the Canadian general election takes place in 2019 and so it seems there is ample time for Jagmeet Singh’s support campaign to fire up some more momentum.

Is Canada ready for a Sikh premier? This once far-fetched thought is truly on it’s towards being a reality as the country’s three main parties sees a Sikh at the helm of one of them. Speaking with PE, Jagmeet Singh shared that the Canadian value system and ethical outlook tallies with his own personal beliefs that he has adopted through the teachings of Sikhi. “I’ve always been an activist. The philosophy of Ik Oankaar (there is BUT one God), the idea that we’re all one connected energy, regardless of gender or sexuality – we’re all equal. And not just people, but it also connects us to the planet too. So we don’t have the right to exploit it or live in a way that is unsustainable. Encouraging society to be fair and equitable. It all falls from that same philosophy.”
This practice resonates with many people across the world, not least of which, Canadians. He went on to describe the general attitude of the Canadian people, who are renowned for being open-minded and accepting. “Though there are elements that are xenophobic, there is misogyny that exists, we have to acknowledge it, but the beauty of Canada is that there is an openness to this idea of celebrating diversity.”
When asked, a year ago, if he thought Canada was ready for a Sikh prime minister, Jagmeet Singh replied, “Given the current government portfolio, with such high profile visible Sikhs, I think it’s definitely opened up the minds of people in Canada in considering somebody with this identity at a higher level of leadership.

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