No country treats its veterans as badly as India under NDA: Amarinder

Chandigarh : Congress Deputy Leader in the Lok Sabha Capt Amarinder Singh today said that no country in the world treated its ex-servicemen as badly as India has been doing currently under the BJP led NDA regime.Expressing his support and solidarity with the ex-servicemen, he said, he will be participating in the rally proposed to be held next month to press for ‘one rank one pension’. “They have given their entire life to the nation and now it is the duty of the nation to pay them back”, he asserted.In a statement issued here today, Capt Amarinder said, it was the worst betrayal with the ex-servicemen of the country despite the previous UPA government already having approved it. “This is yet another betrayal by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the nation”, he remarked, while adding, now it has been established beyond any doubt that he (Mr Modi) only talks without meaning to do anything.The Congress leader disclosed that he had written to the Defence Minister before the budget seeking that the OROP should be announced without any delay. He said, the Defence Minister had in his reply assured that the modalities were being worked out and the issue shall be settled soon. “Now it is about five months nothing has been done and nor this government appears to be intending to do anything”, he regretted warning against pushing the ex-servicemen to wall.