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Govt has lost moral high ground: Sinha

Patna : Yashwant Sinha, BJP leader,   today slammed the way the allegations levelled against BJP chief Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah were defended by a Union Minister. It appears the party has lost its moral high ground, he said.
“I will certainly like to say that the manner in which Union Minister Piyush Goyal jumped into fray in defence of Jay Shah’s Temple Enterprises Limited was not called for. He is a Central Minister, not a chartered accountant of Jay Shah,” Sinha said. “The charges against Jay’s firm are a matter of probe and we have several agencies to do that. The way it was defended should have been avoided,” he observed. Whether Jay’s episode had cast a slur on Modi’s government, Sinha explained: “Don’t want to go into details. The way Modi government jumped into the fray, reacted to the matter and defended Jay, it appears it has lost its moral ground.” Asked about the defamation case filed against The Wire that carried the story on Jay’s business, Sinha:  “Media is pivotal to democracy. Trying to choke its voice through any means, including the filing of a defamation suit for Rs 100 crore, should have been avoided.”

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