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Salvation Army defends use of donated McCartney tickets

Sydney : A Salvation Army leader in Australia has defended the organisation after his daughter attended a Paul McCartney concert using donated tickets.
A Beatles fan in Melbourne had given seven tickets to the charity, saying they should be used by homeless people.
Two of the passes were returned hours before the concert, so were given to a former employee, the daughter of Melbourne major Brendan Nottle.
The donor complained when he saw the unexpected guests at the concert.
Chris McDonald told The Age newspaper he had spent more than a year saving up to buy the tickets, which cost about A$2,350 (£1,360; $1,830).’We’re not Ticketmaster’
Mr Nottle told Australian radio station 3AW on Thursday the two returned tickets could not be properly redistributed in time.
“[The manager] did a ring-around of other homeless people and volunteers and staff but wasn’t able to move them because it was so last minute,” he said. He stressed he had no role in giving the tickets to his daughter. She attended the show on 5 December on the understanding she would “look out for” the homeless recipients, he said.

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