Liverpool’s rolled kerb guarantee

Liverpool’s rolled kerb guarantee

Liverpool City Council has instructed its rangers not to book drivers who park over rolled kerbs, creating more space on narrow streets for passing traffic.

Liverpool Mayor Ned Mannoun said that in many of the city’s suburbs, residents have been breaking the rules and parking half-on and half-off the streets.

“This move by council is formalising what is already common practice,” Mayor Mannoun said.

“Council Rangers stopped enforcing the issue when a draft policy was put in place in October last year and the arrangement has been operating successfully since that time.

“The decision also makes it easier to navigate narrow streets, especially for emergency vehicles and other service vehicles (such as grocery delivery trucks).

“Over the years, the state government has allowed developers to build narrower and narrower streets.

“This is council’s solution to the problem.

The policy only applies to streets that have rolled kerbs.  If the street has the traditional squared off kerbs, the penalty will be enforced.

The policy only applies to council rangers, Mayor Mannoun warned.

Transport NSW and NSW Police are also able to take fine you for half-on half-off parking and I would ask that they show some discretion, especially in residential areas,” he said.

“Residents are also warned that parking the whole car on the verge or blocking a footpath is illegal and this policy does not change that.”

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