Capt Amarinder demands immediate release of students, withdrawal of cases

Chandigarh, May 9 : Congress Deputy Leader in the Lok Sabha Capt Amarinder Singh today demanded immediate release and withdrawal of cases against 12 students from Faridkot who have been jailed for protesting against the Moga molestation and murder.“By putting students behind bars and slapping them with serious charges of attempt to murder, the Akalis have only shown their cruel face”, he remarked in a statement issued here today, adding, this only indicates how intolerant and insensitive this government is towards people’s sentiments.Capt Amarinder condemned the government for its draconian and dictatorial approach in dealing with the protesting students. He said, instead of understanding the anger and concern of the students over the Moga incident, they have been slapped with serious criminal charges like attempt to murder and jailed.The former Chief Minister warned that such abuse of law by the government, the Badals in particular to protect their business, has the potential to spiral out into a major law and problem in the state.“I am warning you not to play with fire”, he told the Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal, adding he (Mr Badal) should have understood the anger of the youth and the students over a serious and provocative incident like the one that happened in Moga and that too in one of the buses owned by him.