Welcome to the Punjab Express website!

We are a monthly print and online Punjab newspaper in Australia, dedicated to providing Punjabi news, ethnic news, information, and entertainment to Indian Punjabis living in Australia.

We strive to keep you well informed and quench your thirst for knowledge by covering different types and kinds of news stories pertaining to Indian, Australian, and global affairs.

Our editions of newspapers span across Australia. Our monthly edition is emailed to our subscribers.

Community leaders, entrepreneurs, government employees, international/local students, parents, professionals, workers — Punjabis across the country rely on Punjab express as a necessary guide loaded with useful information on community, religious, business, and social activities.

Our Aim is to:

  • Deliver News and Information on the Punjabi community, online and offline;
  • Sponsor initiatives with a view to strengthen community spirit;
  • Support local artists by promoting talent;
  • Create a platform for meaningful debate;
  • Offer small and micro-businesses an affordable platform to advertise and grow their business: we have over 250 small and medium clients using our services on a regular basis.
  • We keenly emphasis on celebrating ethnicity and culture, and everyone is welcome here!

Contact info@punjabexpress.com.au or visit https://www.punjabexpress.com.au for more.

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