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Gurudwaras in Nepal are Safe, says Oberoi

Kathmand- In lieu of the Nepal earthquake, reports were poured down that all three Gurudwaras are safe in Kathmandu, including two historical Gurudwaras belonging to Nanak Matth and Khoo Sahib, where Guru Nanak Dev ji had visited during his Third Udassi (Journey); SP Singh Oberoi (Managing Trustee of Sarbat Da Bhala Trust), informed while talking to the media. He also informed that the house of Ravinder Singh Sethi, a business man, had collapsed. But fortunately, Sethi and his wife were both in the Gurudwara to spare any loss of life.He further told that the service of Langar has been started by the management of Sri Singh Sabha Gurudwara, Kathmandu to help the distressed locales and provide relief. He further said that Sarbat Da Bhala Trust will also start the relief work after accessing the damage done by the earthquake.Last year SPS Oberoi headed a delegation many times to visit the Gurudwara Nanak Matth in Kathmandu to restore its building and the heritage associated with it. The master plan of the conservation and restoration of the old building and construction of a new compound was presented by Mr. Oberoi to the Government of Nepal.An MoU is yet to be signed between the Government and the SDB Trust. The entire service of construction and restoration of the Gurudwara will be undertaken by the Sarbat Da Bhala Trust.

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