Our New Gateway to Parramatta

Our New Gateway to Parramatta
The newest entry-point to Parramatta has officially opened. The Parramatta River is
a vital arterial that forms an important part of the ferry network providing one of the
most popular modes of transport that transports more than 6195 ferry passengers
every weekday. This doesn’t include the thousands who take to the river on
weekends grabbing the opportunity to soak up a scenic and relaxing ferry ride.
River goers can now enjoy the benefits of Parramatta’s newly upgraded Charles
Street Square at the Parramatta Quay. This new-look square draws inspiration from
the curved geometry of the river, surrounding landscape and the site’s unique
history. This revitalised entrance to the river city will have the elegance and
accessibility befitting of a truly international city.
The NSW Government has contributed $4.65 million with $1.7 million via the
Transport Access Program and $2.95 million through the NSW Public Spaces
Legacy Program to jointly fund the City of Parramatta’s upgrade to Charles Street
Square as part of a commitment to deliver great public open spaces.
Quotes attributable to Donna Davis MP, State Member for Parramatta:
“This new gateway to our city reflects the historical and cultural significance of our
river as well as its important relationship to our community.”
“The redevelopment ensures that as our city grows and further secures its status as
a genuine alternative to the Sydney CBD, ferry passengers will arrive at a landing
that is reflective of our modern Parramatta.”

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