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Australian gamers shift from megabytes to ‘live action’

Australian gamers shift

SYDNEY A high-pitched scream pierces the air as a “zombie witch” in a dirty, white dress sprints down a street at a Sydney university, hair whipping around wild eyes as she chases a group desperately scrambling to get out of her way. Welcome to “Zedtown” – an adventure event where competitors play out a zombie apocalypse: people race to reach ...

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Statewide blackout in Australia raises questions over renewable energy


Sydney : Power was restored to the state of South Australia on Wednesday after storms a day earlier caused an unprecedented statewide blackout which disrupted operations at mining majors like BHP Billiton, closed ports and halted public transport.The blackout of the country’s fifth most populous state, with 1.7 million people, prompted calls on Thursday for an inquiry into the power ...

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Australia to charge children under new anti-terror laws


Canberra : Children as young as 14 years of age will be charged as adults under new counter-terror laws introduced in Australia’s parliament on Thursday. Attorney-General, George Brandis said he expected the amendments to receive bipartisan support in both the lower and upper Houses, as they would serve to keep Australia’s anti-terror laws “as strong and up-to-date as possible”, Xinhua ...

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Fossil find points to life on Earth 3.7b years ago

Fossil find points

SYDNEY Life on Earth is even older than we thought, Australian scientists said Thursday as they unveiled fossils dating back a staggering 3.7 billion years. The tiny structures – called stromatolites – were found in ancient rock along the edge of Greenland’s ice cap, and were 220 million years older than the previous record holders. They show that life emerged ...

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Thor: Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston shoot in Australia


Perth : Hundreds of Australians have lined the streets of Brisbane to watch actors Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston film scenes for Thor: Ragnarok. Parts of the city have been transformed to look like New York – complete with yellow taxis and US police cars. The filmmakers have primarily worked in Gold Coast studios, but on Monday closed off a handful ...

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